a soulmated semi-public marvel + dc roleplay
Consanguinity is a semi-public Marvel + DC roleplay with a soulmated aspect. After the fall of SHIELD, it seems that the world has been full of heroes. As some grow fearful of another potential Hydra reveal, others have become uneasy with the new caped crusaders who have come to light without their former cover. As new teams form and old ones reunite, it seems like a perfect time for old bonds to grow, new relationships to form, and love to once again prove greater than fear and hate.
June 13 After a few extensions to try to offer more time for everyone to get settled in and get their affairs in order, we think that we're finally ready to open our doors to the public! With this in mind, hello everyone, we hope that you'll give us a good look around and decide to have as much fun as we've been having while we were in soft open. Of course, if anything doesn't look right, please contact one of the staff team, and we'll try to sort it out ASAP!

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Consanguinity is an original site idea by Kira, adapted from the combined worlds of Marvel and DC in both their cinematic and comic incarnations. All canon characters, thus, belong to their respective creator and writer. The World skin was created by Kuroya exclusively for Consanguinity, please do not rip or steal. Assorted icon macros come courtesy of Font Awesome, the self-sorting claims tables came from Tablesort, and the customizable code boxes come thanks to Nicole of CTTW.